Protect your Data and IT Services with simplicity whilst minimizing your Cost of Property

A DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) is the most important task that the IT Department has to provide to the Business. This is because if any Information Asset is not recoverable, then the Business looses one of its most important assets, perhaps even its most important asset, its Information.


Our DRP solution enables the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction, and complies with the Service Level Agreements that need to he agreed with the Business

  • Recovery Time Objective - RTO
  • Recovery Point Objective - RPO

Avoid the Frustration of not being able to recover your Information

With our DRP solution you can diminish your Total Cost of Property (TCO) through our unique architecture for the whole Data Protection and Business Continuity service, avoiding the acquisition of multiple equipment and software licensing. Thanks to our DRP solution you can simplify all the infrastructure required for the security copies in only one convergent solution for any environment, instead of requiring typical infrastructure as the following

  • Storage Tapes
  • Disk Arrays
  • Servers that manage the Security and Gold Copies
  • Data Connectivity Servers
  • Servers that transfer the Security and Gold Copies
  • Storage Systems
  • Network Infrastructure between all Backup and Production Servers
  • Licensing for each of the Software components


An IT environment has to be preserved in a reliable way so that its security, accessibility, integrity and restorability can be guaranteed without interrupting the Business service. Having a DRP requires at least one security copy that is intact, integrity-proven and accessible without interrupting the Business Service.

The DRP objective is to minimize the recoverability time in case of a disaster (Disaster Recovery Plan) so that the Business can operate when an incident may occur. The focus is not in reducing the times for the DRP strategy generation, but in reducing the times for enabling the Business Continuity through the DRP.

Our DRP solution enables all the strategy for the Business Continuity while it reduces the Infrastructure and Software Licensing typically required for maintaining a Disaster Recovery Site. Our DRP solution complies with the attributes

  • Secure, the Information is managed with Security Levels in accordance to ISO27001s.
  • Recoverable, the DRP includes additional security processes oriented towards recoverability.
  • Scallable, the DRP grows with the Business without having increased recovery times. This is because of our Registered Industrial Secret for DRP Optimization.
  • Fast, the recovery execution with our DRP works on a lean fashion so that it avoids activities that don't add value.
  • Efficient, our DRP is automated and operates in any environment, without interrupting Business Operations.


Even though the correct term is ITSC (IT Service Continuity), it is commonly known as DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) even though DRP is much more ample than the Business / Service Continuity. For simplicity we use the term DRP even though the correct term is Service Continuity.