Augmented Reality

Our Machine Vision technology enables real time event detection in business operations, so that operational effectiveness for the business is achieved, with no need of installing or changing current surveillance equipment, increasing in this way the monitoring capabilities and enabling intelligence.

Monetizing Innovation

Application areas

Modern day complex business environments makes it tough for executives to know how operations are evolving in distinct locations, an Operations Executive can have Control in order to maximize its operative efficiency, and to learn about the customer and sales people behavior. A business with multiple point of sales/consumption, warehouses, routes and/or machines requires real time information it can count on for the best decision making.

Reduces Shoplifting by 90%

Monetizing Innovation

The Global Retail Theft Barometer has release studies that state that in the last 10 years, in the 24 most developed economies, there is an average of 1.23% in shrinkage rate for retailing as a whole, that are inventory losses due to crime and shoplifting in 75% of the cases. This means that 1.23% of the total sales is converted in losses mainly because of shoplifting.

Ocelus, our Machine Vision solution will enable you to recover profits because it reduces the shrinkage rate for retail. Ocelus identifies theft behaviors before the crime is executed, and while it is executed. Ocelus, our Machine Vision solution alerts in real time your Security and Sales teams so measures can be taken in order to prevent the theft, and by doing this business profitability is recovered. Based on estimates and our experience, a retailer that has profits of 3% can increase its profit in 27% thanks to our Ocelus, our Machine Vision solution.

Identify what atracts customers to your store, as well as your customers behavior

Customer behavior and in store consumption patterns

More than simply counting customers that enter and exit your store, more value is generated for the Retail by knowing what is the type of product or the department that generates store flow. For example for a Departamental Store it could be the Restaurant -but just in particular time windows- that attracts customers, that will later buy articles in another department; or it could be that certain Products attract the customers that will finally purchase the Products for which the Retail has the largest margins.

Monetizing Innovation

Our Machine Vision informs business executives about customer consumption habits and their behavior during their customer experience in the store, this is possible because we track each of the customers since the moment their experience starts by entering the store, and each of their movements and interests through the halls and shelves.

Thanks to our Machine Vision it is possible to know which are the customer interest areas through their purchase experience. We are the best in the market, we don't simply notify the quantity of people in certain zone -this could mean that there is a "traffic jam" in the bathroom area-, our Machine Vision tracks all the purchase experience through the store.

Also by identifying the sales floor behavior provides Operations Executives with information like

  • is the sales personnel at least 80% of their time in the store? (or in the warehouse)
  • what is the customer satisfaction regarding the time waiting for a sales person?
  • how much time are customers waiting in line for a cashier?

Machine Vision and Augmented Reality Advantages

The Retail industry have very important challenges, among them the specific performance information per store since the information mostly available is aggregated where the individual information is lost. It is also difficult to obtain the performance detail per store given the difficulty in obtaining this information. At present, thanks to the Computer Vision and Augmented Reality, information can be obtained in almost real time from the behavior of both customers and sellers.

  • Identify individual store performance by comparing store flow against store sales
  • Identify the departments and products that generate store flow
  • Learn about customer purchase patterns
  • Know amount of time a sales person remains in the store and how much in the warehouse
  • Know the best sales person time distribution by comparing it with the amount of customers visiting at once
  • Measure actual time that a customer waits in line on the cashier area
  • Measure actual time that a customer takes since entering until exiting the cashier area
Monetizing Innovation

Restricted Areas in Manufacturing

Monetizing Innovation

Human security is a critical objective in Manufacturing Industries, where a security incident can cause human life and economic losses, penalty fees and more expensive insurance policies, as well as reliability and trust losses from collaborators, customers and the community.

Our Machine Vision, that integrates to current surveillance infrastructure, sets and identifies restricted areas around dangerous objects like machines or furnaces, so that when the machine or furnace is in operation, our Machine Vision notifies security personnel whenever a person accesses the restricted area.

How does it work?

Our Machine Vision integrates itself with the current surveillance infrastructure, so there is no need to install or change hardware, increasing in this way the detection and monitoring capacities, and enabling intelligence; while increasing business profits through theft and crime reduction.

  • Be notified when a suspicious behavior is detected
  • All in real time
  • Take actions before an event occurs
  • Recover control