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Artificial Intelligence Wrangler

What AI can and should your company be using?

Your company can learn how to flow on AI.

Your company doesn’t need to be left behind on the AI race.


We believe you deserve to have an in-house AI office


We understand the frustration you can feel with wannabe experts that pose big risks to your career and company, which is why we have designed a methodology to enable your own AI Office.

Towards Zero Incidents

Get Peace of Mind

We understand how tough it is to run around putting out fires, it is frustrating and a reason for high turnover.

We believe you deserve to enjoy the success of having near zero IT related incidents.


We understand how tired you can feel when many working hours get accumulated to fix IT components while the business services are down, users are complaining and your bosses put more pressure on your team as the time passes by, which is why we can help you as we have also helped other medium to large companies.

Business Continuity

Keep the business running ... always

There are many components at risk that can stop or diminish the quality of business service provided by IT.I

IT Professionals have good intentions when they minimize the backup times, but by doing this they normally miss out that what is more important is to minimize down times.


We believe all businesses can continue operations even on incidents.


We understand the complexities of modern IT environments and how easy it can be to suffer down time because of even small component failures, which is why we have evolved existing methodologies and processes into a proven Business Continuity as a Service for medium and large companies.

Monetizing Innovation

Succeed in BIG PROBLEMS!

Some business problems are very hard to solve, even with innovation.  But the problem can’t just be solved by throwing tech at it, it always requires a grounded financial analysis, a replicable method and great architecture.

Frequently the enthusiasm at the start of a project mutates to an ugly feeling of disappointment, and about half of the times it happens even when hiring IT public companies to do the job, because a brand by itself won’t deliver results … people deliver results.



– Create synchronization software for your 50k+ sales team?  done that.

– Enable banking throught put to more than 11,000 transactions per second with high availability?  implemented and still running.

– Develop ethical AI software aligned to GDPR?  a couple of times.

– Architecture security and develop software for security holes for your databases?  does doing it for a G7 ministry of defense count?

– Develop a Payment Software Provider for a financial institution with all regulations in place?



We believe you can solve your most troublesome and hard business problems through innovation.


We have walked that path many times and helped companies such as PepsiCo, Kansas City Southern, Mars, Oracle, PPG, Santander Bank, HSBC, JP Morgan just to name a few.  We know what the road looks like, we can help you get to the other side of your business obstacle.

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