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We help you Monetize Innovation

Monetizing Innovation
Our mission is to help you monetize innovation. We will help, support, protect and counsel you through the innovation process in your company, so that we can celebrate together your success in its implementation.

Digital Transformation: How to achieve a successful Digital Transformation that can positively impact the business. More than half of the Digital Transformation projects provide no value for the business,this is why it is critical for all the innovation project to have crystal clear the monetizable objective for the business, and most of all, how to achieve it.

Monetizing Innovation

We monetize innovation and know exactly how to measure the Digital Transformation success before the process is started. We have satisfied and loyal customers with real business solutions by using innovation as a tool, and not as the final objective.

Augmented Reality and Machine Vision

Our Machine Vision technology enables real time event detection in business operations, so that operational effectiveness for the business is achieved, with no need of installing or changing current surveillance equipment, increasing in this way the monitoring capabilities and enabling intelligence.

Data Synchronization

The main objective of Field Sales is to increase significantly the recurring purchases, and with them achieve medium and long term growth. For the people that work in Field Sales it is of vital importance to learn to read the consumer demands on the point of sale, ensuring the product placement in the best location. Once the correct product is in the ideal location, the availability of the product has to be ensured by all means and at all times. We help you know if the correct product is in the ideal location while being always available through our real time Data Synchronization solution, so that recurring purchases occur, and medium and long term growth is achieved. With a rapid implementation we help you distribute efficiently your inventories through Data Synchronization.

Industry 4.0

Through our technology we generate the data directly from your PLCs in your Production lines or your IoT solutions, once that the data has been generated and captured from its origin, its destination is configured so that it can be continuously sent, enabling advanced real time analytics that will ease the decision making in real time. Out technology integrates itself with all protocols of the following brands
  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley


With our DRP solution you can diminish your Total Cost of Property (TCO) through our unique architecture for the whole Data Protection and Business Continuity service, avoiding the acquisition of multiple equipment and software licensing. Thanks to our DRP solution you can simplify all the infrastructure required for the security copies in only one convergent solution for any environment, instead of requiring infrastructure that is hard to manage.